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Day Daniells – The Writing Amazon

Day Daniells is a filmmaker and an inspiring feminist. She spends most of her days writing, doing Improv and volunteering at women’s shelters.

Day Daniells and I met during what we later called a “feminist intervention” – a little teenage girl in our building was involved in a very loud and very aggressive family fight. Family fights are a family matter, but when you hear that words have given way to physical abuse, you just have to do something. We both galloped to the rescue.

Day writes mind-blowing scripts for tv and web series. I wish I could tell you more about what she working on this very Spring, but it’s all secret for now. It’s very good stuff! Mark my words, you’ll hear more about her very soon. I promise you.

While I can’t share her latest scripts, I’m sharing some bits from our many conversations here. And some portraits and headshots I took of her a couple of weeks ago.

day daniells new york greg salvatori photography

How did you end up in New York?

I always knew that I would end up in New York. The pulse of the city, the energy here, it’s palpable and powerful and as soon as I finished all my schooling, I moved the Big Apple. New York is a great place to start anew because you can be and do whatever you want here, the possibilities really are endless. I know it’s sounds corny but it’s so true, New York is a great place to find yourself on your own terms.

What is the thing you love to do more in the city?

My favorite thing to do in NY is people watch. I love to sit at any café, in any neighborhood, at any time of the day, and watch New Yorkers do what they do best, MOVE! I love watching the way people walk and take up space in the world. There’s so many characters in New York and I love seeing how people dress and how they interact with each other and the environment. New York is my favorite place to people watch because New Yorkers are so vibrant. New Yorkers are hustlers, they’re honest, and they’re not afraid to be uniquely themselves and that is always a beautiful thing to see.

day daniells new york greg salvatori photography

What inspires you to become you?

Getting to know myself and really finding true love for that person created a huge shift in my life. I found such bliss when I really dropped in to who I am, at my core.

What unlocks you and what fuels you?

What unlocks me is kindness, integrity, intelligence and courage. What fuels me is an intense passion for my work.

day daniells new york greg salvatori photography

What’s photography/art for you?

Art is everything to me. It’s therapy, it’s joy, it’s pain, it’s a release, it’s a vocation, it’s where I find my strengths and explore my weakness. Art, whether you’re appreciating it or making it, demands a huge amount of self awareness, it provides a vessel for one to dive inward. I really believe as an artist, you can’t live an oblivious life and that is why I will always be an artist.


greg salvatori photography new york

Greg Salvatori is an award winning photographer, artist and author based in Upper West Side, New York. His latest photo book, BEARDS OF NEW YORK, was featured in magazines and publications in more than 30 countries.

He splits his time between his artistic photography projects and shoots for clients. He has worked in photography and the fashion industry in London, Paris, and Florence. He has had wonderful opportunities to work with brilliant photographers and world famous designers from the beginning of his career. With passion and obsessive attention to detail, he learned as much as he could and started his own photography studio in 2007.

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  1. Jane Reply

    She’s stunning!

  2. Jane Reply

    I love the first one, who did the set for the shot? It’s really striking!

  3. Marianne Reply

    I love the city one! I always wanted to have a picture like that taken, it’s so cool!

    • Greg Salvatori Reply

      That’s the city, that’s Columbus Circle. We shot on the roof of a building on 11th Avenue. The windiest day… But she was fearless!

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