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Hitomi Nozawa HitoStar greg salvatori new york photography

Hitomi Nozawa

Hitomi Nozawa is a fascinating woman, a professional dancer and a surprising person. Hito is also an astrologer. She charms you with her magnetic presence and her mesmerizing knowledge of the Horoscope. You don’t need to believe to feel how interesting Hito is. Every time I meet her or I shoot with her, I end up loosing track of time. I would talk with her for hours. And I did. Let me share some with you.

Hitomi Nozawa HitoStar greg salvatori new york photography

What brought you to New York?

When I was a child, my inspiration and my strongest passion were singing and dancing. I remember being a 4 years old and crying when I saw my first musical. I told my mom “I’m going to dance and sing and make people happy!”. I seriously felt like I had received an important message from the universe. I needed to spread the inspiration in the world. I started taking dance classes when I was 8 and went on studying singing in Voice majors through high-shool and college. 

I discovered New York as a great place to be as a dancer and singer. New York has been my home since then. The city is filled with people who decided to live here and embrace their creativity. People who respects artists. They’re are totally open to enjoy art and creativity.

Hitomi Nozawa HitoStar greg salvatori new york photography

How did you become an astrologer?

A few years ago, everything seemed to fall apart. Dancing, teaching, finances, health and relationship were not working. My mom had cancer, back in Japan. It was tough, but I decided to go back to Japan, after 10 years in the U.S. I was already regretting it in 2 days. I could no longer fit in my country and I was feeling desperate.

I met this astrologer by chance, through my friend. I sat down with her for a 15 minutes session. From the second she spoke, I felt like my blocks were flying away from me. She was revealing myself to me. She talked about my family situation. “You have another place to shine, spread your wings” she said. As I heard these words, my world started to turn upside down. I decided to leave Japan again and flew back to NYC.

Since then, I realized I opened up this sense of seeing other people’s signs even without looking at their astrology charts. I was hiding my talent for a year, then I finally started reading people as my business. I’ve been so much happier since then.

Hitomi Nozawa HitoStar greg salvatori new york photography

What brought you to me?

Your work is totally awesome and beautifully professional. You have this unique, striking sense and intensity with your talents. You have a great approach. You know how to harmonize the subject, the light, and the context.

You’ve also got this beautiful flow when you shoot. I totally enjoy the conversations with you in your photo shoots because you are a natural. You’re both entertaining and yet professional. You are amazing at making right creative decisions. An in the meantime the conversations speed and flow keep natural and fascinating. And then, the photos come out like beautiful babies!

Hitomi Nozawa HitoStar greg salvatori new york photography

Greg and Hito

What childhood memory do you remember with happiness?

My hometown is literally in the mountains, deep into nature. I used to love swimming in a stream close to my family house. The river water was so pure you could see rocks on the bottom and fish swimming around. I used to swim and imagine fish I had little fish and mermaid friends.

Hitomi Nozawa HitoStar greg salvatori new york photography

Hitomi Nozawa’s Bio:

As a gifted astrologer, Hitomi Nozawa gives her unique astrological advises and lectures through different events, classes and her personal reading sessions in Manhattan. Not only revealing interesting facts from natal charts, she has a gift to see through signs and planets just from looking at a person.

After experiencing an extremely hard time in career, love relationship, family and health, Hitomi finally met Astrology. It was so shocking and transforming she learned so rapidly, and she received her gift to see through people’s signs. She rebuilt her life back again, and it naturally led her to her career as a professional astrologer. She read more than 200 people’s charts in the first year. She is now so grateful to be able to help, teach, cheer up and transform others with her talent. Hitomi stays active in NYC and believes we can create the world in peace by inspiring and loving ourselves.

A native of Shizuoka, Japan, In her early age, she began taking piano, voice and modern ballet lessons over years with several teachers. She studied vocal performance at Hamamatsu Gakugei High School, Showa Music University and Morningside College. She has completed her music degree in voice in 2006. Besides her education in music, she continued to study various dance styles as classical and modern ballet, contemporary, jazz, hip-hop, afro brazilian…etc.

Hitomi has been actively performing with different dance, art and music projects and companies since 2006. Her performances apperaed in major and minor venues in NYC and east coast areas in the U.S. such as Lincoln Center, BAM, National Gallery of Art in Washington DC, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Gotham Hall, La MaMa Theatre, Joe’s Pub and many more. She had performed in significant festivals in NYC such as Fringe NYC, Tribeca Film Festival, Toy of the Year Award, DUMBO Dance Festival and more.

Hitomi had taught Ballet to kids at Steps on Broadway and also taught dance, art, music and nutrition and mental health to kids in public schools, private schools and schools for kids with mental/ physical disabilities in New York City through The school at Steps, Education in Dance and the Related Arts for more than 4 years.

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    She’s so cute! I love that you present these cool people, New York can be so unfriendly sometimes, it’s good to see lot’s of warm and loving people like you out there!

  2. Greg Salvatori Reply

    Thanks Lucy, she is a jewel. Lots of people are, they just don’t bring it out all the time. She really shines. 🙂

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