Lexi Lawson – Hamilton The Musical

lexi lawson hamilton broadway new york greg salvatori photography

Lexi Lawson – Hamilton The Musical

A few weeks ago I had a photo shoot with charming Lexi Lawson, who’s currently playing Hamilton’s Eliza here in New York. It was an editorial shoot for W42ST magazine and I had to take some portraits and some good shots in Lexi’s midtown apartment. Of course, it was snowing outside, cause you wouldn’t want the life of an overworked photographer to be too easy!

lexi lawson hamilton broadway new york greg salvatori photography

Lexi Lawson is irresistible. Shooting and talking with her, feels pretty much like Summer. Even when it’s snowing outside.

Lexi is one of those unbelievably easygoing people that are really hard to come by in showbiz. Let me say it quite clearly: showbiz, like high fashion, is glittery and all, but people take themselves far too seriously.

I take my work very seriously, not myself, and when I meet someone like Lexi, with the same approach, it’s just fireworks.

lexi lawson hamilton broadway new york greg salvatori photography

She’s pure fire. She’s full of interesting stories and passions. We discussed many things during our photo shoot. From the most prosaic New York moments, to how she got where she did, in her stylish home at the top of the Mima building.

As I was shooting and chatting away I noticed that her beautiful apartment is disseminated with stones and quartz rocks. With my background I can’t miss a detail like that. I had to ask her and, as I assumed, she is interested in spirituality. She has a beautifully organic and unassuming opinion about it.

lexi lawson Hamilton broadway new york greg salvatori photography

I’m building a new photo book after the success of Beards Of New York and it’s all focused on the spiritual underground of the city. From Wiccans to Santeras, Tarot readers and Psychics. Lexi was fascinated by these stories and we went on chatting in her meditation room. Overlooking the Empire State Building of course!

Lexi is so warm and so welcoming, she makes me think she received lots of love growing up and in her life in general. So I had to ask her, quartz and stones aside, who is her rock?

“My family is my rock”

lexi lawson hamilton broadway new york greg salvatori photography

Lexi Lawson’s Bio

Lexi Lawson is currently playing Eliza Hamilton in Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Tony-winning hit Hamilton. This marks her return to the music of Miranda, having performed in the first national tour of In the Heights in the leading role of Vanessa; she also portrayed Mimi in the Rent Broadway tour.

lexi lawson hamilton broadway new york greg salvatori photography


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  1. Lucy2003 Reply

    I love her!!!! She’s so cool!

  2. Zaha Reply

    If you love rocks and quartz, you should lean in and explore more, you won’t regret it Greg

    • Greg Salvatori Reply

      Thank you! I guess it’s time! Curiosity is something I never resist. It brought me many god things and people in the past. There is no point in keeping safe in the comfort zone! Thank you 🙂

  3. William Reply

    Do you have any way to get some tickets? I tried to buy some for weeks, but it’s CRAZY! I reaaly want to see Hamilton this Summer

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