Headshots and portraits

Great headshots and portraits are more than just flattering pictures of you. They represent you. They are the foundation of your personal branding and define your image. They can show you’re open, approachable, trust-worthy, reliable, confident, friendly, unique… They are a powerful tool to market yourself and are essential in telling your story. Most importantly, they provoke a reaction in a perfect stranger. 82% of people look you up before they meet you, what do they think when they see your current headshot?

Tailored photo shoots are available. Rates start form $155/hour + $55/image. Creative Portraiture, Boudoir Photography, Corporate Portraits, Staff/Team Headshots, Editorial Photography, Events Photography…

Easy Headshots Package = $300
Professional Shoot + up to 3 outfits + multiple backgrounds + review of the images during the shoot + 2 retouched headshots. Additional retouched images available $55/each. Delivery in 5 working days. See full T&Cs here

Contact Greg to book your shoot or ask for a tailored quote.

Dog Photography

Greg is a natural dog whisperer and strives to connect with your pooch, finding ways to keep them engaged and happy. A shoot is a fun gift and a great way to create everlasting memories.

“I was raised by a wolf, Vicky the German Shepherd, and I live with Albert the Lab. They thought me each dog is different, from playful to shy, and is happy if you make a shoot into play-time. It takes more than treats, it takes love.”

Photo shoots are available in studio or in a particular location you might choose. The shoot can focus on you and your dog, or just on them, as you prefer. It can be a more simple shot or a very elaborate image, having fun with outfits to toys. Any shoot is tailored to both yours and your dog’s needs.

Photo shoot rates start from $300/shoot. Contact Greg for a more accurate quote.

Product, Fashion & Advertising

Greg creates memorable images and catalogues that present your products in the most eye catching and captivating way. He can work independently or team up with your creatives to produce your catalogues, look books or campaign images. He works with a fast turnaround, from quote to delivery. He typically answers your quote request within two working days and keeps the post-production and editing phase quick and timely.

Expert in producing high definition images able to satisfy the most attentive clients, Greg delivers a polished and impeccable product, ready to be showcased on your website, your eCommerce or in a magazine. He is able to create outstanding images for businesses of any size, from start-ups, to established companies like Google and Salvatore Ferragamo.

His solid experience, attention to detail, creativity and a deep understanding of marketing and branding help Greg provide a fully tailored service to fit your needs. The range of photography services available is wide and comprehensive, including impeccable product photography, creative images for your marketing campaigns, digital manipulation and photo retouch.

Photo shoots rates start form $155/hour + images. Contact Greg for a more accurate quote.

Interior Photography

Greg shoots beautiful interiors in the city. He uses his sophisticated lighting skills and his experience to create jaw dropping images. He enjoys working organically with clients, designers or architects to bring their vision t life in the image.

He goes on location and make sure to understand the vision in the designer/client’s mind. He suggest the best camera angles for each shot and help stage and create the final look. He loves to capture the beauty, the creativity, and the statement that each room expresses.

Interior shoots rates start form $155/hour + images. Contact Greg for a more accurate quote.

Other services

Greg has over ten years experience working one on one with individual clients and small businesses, helping them shape their public image and personal branding, covering social media and Branding Strategy, online presence and marketing material.

Greg mentors individual artists and photographers to help them with their portfolios, publications or exhibits. He curates art shows and exhibits and he’s always happy to foster and support beautiful and creative projects.

Consulting rates start from $95/hour. Contact Greg for a more accurate quote.