Your new Branding and Social Media in 5 Steps


STEP 1 - Assessment

It all starts with a chat, where we clarify what you want to achieve. We analyze all the data available including social media stats, analytics, website traffic, your processes, and if relevant, sales and business strategy. We take a full picture of where you are.

STEP 2 - Strategy

While just winging it often brings waste and exhaustion, consistent coordinated efforts always bring success. We take your talents, your goals, and your budget and we boil them down into a Strategy uniquely tailored for your needs. This big picture view enables you to make sure that every effort is proportional and helps you progress towards the direction you want to go.

STEP 3 - Workflow

We create and implement a Workflow aligned with the Strategy. This usually takes a couple of weeks and produces a detailed checklist of actions than must be done routinely to keep your progress going.

STEP 4 - Coaching

For your business, we search, interview, and coach the right person to implement your Workflow. For individuals, we coach you directly.

STEP 5 - Quality Check

We do a routine quality check on the implementation of the Workflow and assess the results. The new information helps us define the most successful actions and further refine the Workflow to keep making progress.

Rates - $125/hour