New York photographer Greg Salvatori

About Greg

Greg is an award winning photographer and artist based in New York. His has worked in photography and fashion in London, Paris, Florence and he balances between artistic and commercial projects. READ MORE

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Art photography, exhibits, and books

Greg’s latest photo book, BEARDS OF NEW YORK was featured in the national press in more than 30 countries. This beautiful coffee table book presents a stunning collection of portraits, selected from more than 1000 bearded New Yorkers. Greg’s work explores the questions of identity and masculinity with a fresh and light approach… READ MORE

Professional Photography, Headshots & Portraits

Greg creates memorable images. His headshots and portraits are more than just flattering pictures of you. They represent you. They convey your unique message. They are a powerful tool to market yourself or your product. They are essential in telling your story. They are the foundation of your personal branding. READ MORE

dog photography

Dog Photography

Greg loves dogs and shares his home with his beautiful Lab. He strive to connect, engage and keep your dog happy during the shoot, to create beautiful images, portraits and memories to keep forever… READ MORE

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Interior Photography

Greg’s images have been featured in international magazines, newspapers, book, catalogues and publications in Europe and in the United States. He works with… READ MORE

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