Greg Salvatori is an award winning photographer, artist and author based in Hell’s Kitchen, New York. His latest photo book, BEARDS OF NEW YORK, was featured in magazines and publications in more than 30 countries. He is available for photo shoots, art projects and interviews.

Greg balances his time between his own artistic projects and commercial shoots for clients. He has worked in photography and the fashion industry in London, Paris, and Florence. He has had the wonderful opportunity to work with brilliant photographers, world famous designers like Ferragamo, and then start his own photo studio.

Greg’s work and images have been published in international newspapers, magazines, books and publications. His work has been exhibited in contemporary art events and photography exhibits in Europe and the US. He mentors individual artists and photographers and helps them develop their portfolios, publications or exhibits. He curates art shows and exhibits and he’s always happy to foster and support beautiful and creative projects.

Greg is a 6’7″ friendly giant who loves to connect with the many people he meets everyday. He believes the secret behind a meaningful picture is the person’s story, their point of view. He thinks a great photographer can transform each photo shoot into an intimate experience where anyone can feel free to reveal who they are. He treasures the amazing people he keeps finding and shares some of their stories in his journal, Conversations.

Greg Salvatori photography beards of new york

Professional Photography For You

Greg creates memorable headshots and portraits for his clients. Incredible dog portraits, full of character and drama. Creative editorial shots, stylish fashion images and impeccable interior photography. Extraordinary stories told in a single shot, using his massive experience to deliver beyond expectations. He makes each client excited to refer him. Explore

Greg Salvatori photography beards of new york

Portrait Series, Books & Exhibits

Greg’s artistic portfolio includes many stunning portrait series focused on the visual aspects of masculinity/femininity and their influence on our understanding of identity. His style mixes clean sophistication with playfulness. His stylized images attract the viewer and discretely hint at the meaningful message concealed behind the appealing surface. He masters light with an experienced eye, refined technique, and exquisite taste. Explore