BEARDS of NEW YORK – Photo Book

The photo book was featured in the press in more than 30 countries. It’s stunning portrait series showing the bold individuality and the fashion of the modern beard. More than 1000 men were involved in the project with more then 300 photo shoots in a year. READ MORE

New York photographer Greg Salvatori

Greg Salvatori

Greg is an award winning portrait photographer and artist now based in New York. His has worked in photography and fashion in London, Paris, Florence and he balances between artistic and commercial projects. READ MORE

new york fashion week

The NYFW Photo Series, Exhibit – New York, Sept 2014

Greg borrows from his fashion background to create elaborate portrait photography series for his exhibition in New York Fashion Week 2014. This collection of portraits includes photographs of Ms New York and Manhattan’s most glittery figure skaters. Continuing with his research from the Burqa Series… READ MORE

creative portrait photography burqa greg salvatori

The BURQA Series, exhibit – London, May 2014

Greg collected portraits of real people wearing burqa for almost a year, including Muslim women, non-Muslim women, and men. He then exhibited the portraits in the underground crypt of a Saint Pancras church in Central London.
The portraits collection focuses on the veil as a visual obstacle. The attention is on its powerful impact. The very identity or gender of the subject is blocked by the veil… READ MORE

creative portrait photography new york greg salvatori

Creative Portraiture

Express you uniqueness and create the most creative images to represent who you are. Tell your story, your way. That is what tailored and creative portraiture is for, no matter what your job or your lifestyle is. Greg has worked with the most creative people, from artists, poets and musicians, to designers, writers, playwrights, actors, make up artists, casting directors… READ MORE

freed photography exhibition

The FREED Series, exhibit – Paris, April 2011

Before Greg ventured into the explorations of the Burka Series in London, he worked at a photography exhibition in Paris. Moving between the fashion-obsessed neighborhood of Passy and the rough and diverse Place de Clichy, Greg pointed his camera at a number of second generation Parisian women with a Middle-Eastern background.
He created a portrait collection that focuses on the friction between the cultural heritage… READ MORE

artist portrait photography greg salvatori florence

The FATHER AND SON Series, exhibit – Florence, May 2010

In this portrait collection Greg explores his family history, his identity and the influence of his father on his older brother and himself. The collection was first exhibited in Florence, in 2010, at the ArtUro Museum of Art.
Part of the work was a series of restored pictures from the late 50’s, portraying Greg’s father in the act of writing his first newspaper article. It is the very beginning of a long career in journalisms that influenced his cultural, aesthetic and visual attitude… READ MORE

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