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LEAVES - Photo Series
Limited edition of 7 - 20” x 30” Prints

Provincetown, MA (August 16th, 2019) Summer is at its peak. In the depth of the forest, leaves are growing big and luxurious. It’s the most vital, unrestrained time of the year. These natural objects, both bodies and leaves, are free, unapologetic symbols. There is no sexual shame, or Adam’s prudery in this forest. There’s only a vibrant celebration of life. It’s a magic moment when nature and nurture unite and triumph over darkness.

His consistent aesthetics conjure the magical and the enchanted. Drawing on the contrasting subtleties of precise lighting with the endless night in the background, the photos become surreal compositions, and present luminescent visions. “I use the leaves and the bodies to build a shrine and worship the now, says Greg, “because there is only now. Life is climaxing.”


CLOUDS - Photo Series
Limited edition of 7 - 20” x 30” Prints

Provincetown, MA (July 19th, 2019) Greg turns to beauty as a way to deal with the loss of his father earlier this year. He creates a fantastic sky, a Heaven populated by bearded men that recall the image of his father. People who gravitate around Ptown: artists, painters, photographers, inn keepers. A new circle of interesting friends with interesting stories to pay company to Salvatori Senior, somewhere up there.

Greg uses his signature bright colors, the precise lighting, and steam in the shoot. The result of his process is a series of arresting works: fiery colors, luminescent clouds, majestic beards, powerful bodies. Is this Heaven or is this Hell? Are these angels or Faustian demons? Heaven is hot as Hell.


Anthropomorphic portraits
Limited edition of 13 - 20” x 30” Prints

Provincetown, MA (June 21th, 2019) - After his strong opening in May, Greg Salvatori is launching his second show on the Summer Solstice, June 21st. The show is another fun and memorable series of anthropomorphic portraits, exploring pagan culture and witchcraft. Each picture is a manifestation of Greg’s imagination. He starts with a vision, an image in his mind. Then he designs the set and the precise lighting. When everything is ready Greg call’s in his “familiar” - Albert the yellow Lab - and the magic happens. This particular series celebrates Greg’s pagan heritage. “There is no better place to create this series,” he said. “Provincetown is a very special place, filled with the mystical and the magical” he added, “You feel it all around you here.”


Anthropomorphic portraits
Limited edition of 13 - 20” x 30” Prints

Provincetown, MA (MAY 17th, 2019) - Greg opens the season poking fun at our leaders with an anthropomorphic portrait series featuring visual metaphors of power. The tone is playful but the question is inevitable: are these leaders of pack, top dogs, or just needy puppies asking for validation?




In 1 year of work, +1000 people involved and +300 photo shoots, Greg created a rich and faceted photography book. Greg captures the individuality, the fashion, and the sexiness of the modern beard. He showcases the beard’s many shapes and styles from a diverse mix of everyday New Yorkers from Wall Street traders to East Village barmen to Broadway actors and Upper East Side doctors. Each man is a sexy and playful study of contemporary masculinity. With this stunning portraits of men, radiant against the candy pink background, Greg taps into the lumbersexual aesthetic while exploring the meanings and boundaries of contemporary masculinity. The book has been very successful and it was featured in the press in more than 30 countries.


NYFW Series - Exhibit at the Carlton Hotel - New York

BURQA Series - Exhibit at Crypt Gallery - London


FREED Series - Exhibit - Paris & Florence


FATHER & SONS Series - Exhibit - Florence