Actor Headshots in New York / by Greg Salvatori

Actor Headshots in New York

All successful people started by building themselves a great image

professional-actor-headshots-new-york-1Where can you get headshots in town that are actually worth the money they cost? If your cheap on headshots, you'll look cheap in front of casting agents. It shows.

Greg is a dynamic photographer who helps you take active control over your image and your acting career. He helps you solve the problem.

A Headshot Photo Shoot, in Greg's photo studio in Upper West Side (or outdoors, if you prefer), produces flattering images that will enhance your profile and help you get noticed.

“Great headshots are the foundation of a successful acting career”

Greg uses his years of experience working in Paris and London to produce great, eye-catching actor headshots.

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During the photo shoot Greg will direct you and let you bring out your best: he will help you relax and be yourself.

Great headshots show confident faces, and relaxed, natural expressions: the person in your headshot is open and attentive, the kind of person a casting director wishes to find.

The professional lights are mastered around you to give you a unique and flattering effect, while you look natural and relaxed, almost casual.

“A good headshot is all about you: just you in a good day”

Greg’s actor headshot are intense and connected to the viewer. Their vivid colours and sharp detail capture people’s attention and help you remain memorable. They give you the spotlight you need to show your talent.

Book Actor Headshots in New York NOW!

Great actor headshots help you sell yourself better online on and in person, with casting agents, auditions...

A photo shoot with GREG is easy to book online, the photo gallery is sent to you after the shoot and there are no hidden fees, no catch, no stress.

Life doesn't wait, update you Headshots NOW and redefine your acting career.