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Corporate Photography - My cover for Corporate America by Greg Salvatori

Corporate Photography - My photo is this month's cover for Corporate America

tailored-portrait-photography-9New York Corporate Photography - This month Corporate America's cover is a picture of Wanda Wallace I took a couple of weeks ago.

We scheduled a photo shoot in mid town, with different locations and a range of outfits. She needed good images for her PR and editorial, so we needed to cover a good range and capture different angles of personality and her professional essence.

Some days are just great: you wake up full of energy, your assistant is super focused all day (thank you Chan!) and the client is just awesome and friendly.


From the moment we met, at the corner of Bryant park, we just clicked. We started working in a few minutes and let the energy build up.

Taxi and traffic running all around us, we were able to connect and let the magic happen. I am normally high energy and this time was not an exception.

We worked together, and the results of the shoot made both her and myself very happy. She looks amazing, which is always good. But she also looks approachable and real. That's exactly what she wanted.

When it comes to corporate photography or personal branding in general, your photographer needs to "get you".

Get in touch with me for a quote, we'll find a way to make the magic happen.