Greg Salvatori's Beards in the PRESS / by Greg Salvatori


Greg Salvatori's new book 'Beards of New York' hits the press around the world

Greg Salvatori Beards Of New York


Greg Salvatori is celebrating a series of international press features of his new photo book, BEARDS OF NEW YORK. The book received various national features in America, on large publications like OUT Magazine, in Europe and the UK. It was also featured in Asia, particularly in Thailand and Japan.

"I am so glad that BEARDS of NEW YORK is receiving such welcome in the press around the world. It's exciting when you see an article. Sometimes I can't tell what the article is saying about me and my work. Sometimes I can't even tell in what language it's written in. It's super exciting. Thank you to all of those who helped!"

beards of new york greg salvatori

Book launch at Macy's flagship store in New York City, click here to read more

To create his sexy and stylish new photo book, Beards of New York, award-winning photographer Greg Salvatori completed over 300 photoshoots. He picked the most varied group of confident every day New Yorkers. He went on working on the project for a year. More than 1000 men applied to have their portraits taken and be a part of this project.

Beards of New York celebrates the multifaceted scope and richly diverse depth of bearded masculinity in New York City. This portrait series features men of different races, religions, ages, and orientations. All of them are willing to accept the challenge and get naked for the camera. Each of them presents his version of the modern beard.

Beards of New York combines eye catching color portraits with a unique focus on a specific facet of contemporary aesthetics. The heart of this collection is the dazzling hot pink background that purposefully contrasts the masculinity of the beard. Salvatori not only captures the diversity of contemporary facial hair in the city, but also questions our understandings of its perceived masculinity. Using a distinctive color palette, precise lighting, and face and body glitter accents, this collection asks: "How does the beard make the man?”

Greg Salvatori Beards Of New York


The book, available on Amazon, shows the individuality and the fashion sensibility of modern men, from Wall Street traders to East Village bartenders, to Broadway actors, and Upper East Side doctors. It’s a playful study of masculinity. It mixes courage, beauty, and confidence in a stunning collection of flirtatiously delicious men.

“If you want to call yourself 'New York tough,' you can’t be afraid of pink” says Salvatori. “Something as simple as a pink background is enough to push the boundaries of masculinity for most men. Some of them loved it. Some of them hated it. Some walked away. Those who didn’t run from the challenge are my heroes.”