What does it take to be a real New Yorker? Gregory Nalbone and Beards of New York / by Greg Salvatori


Gregory Nalbone and Beards of New York

When I think of "my" New York, this city I am quickly discovering, I realize that people like Gregory Nalbone are without a doubt an important part of it.

I find Gregory Nalbone very representative of the spirit of the city, being so energetic, so full of life, inspiration, and optimism.

Since I move in the Summer, I learned that New York is one of the friendliest cities I ever lived in. And I lived in London, Paris, Florence, Milan, Barcelona... all GREAT cities full of inspiring people.

gregory nalbone beards of new york greg salvatori
gregory nalbone beards of new york greg salvatori


But New Yorkers seem more daring, more positive and more open than the rest of urban creatures I know. They can be rough around the edges at times, but their love for life has no equal.

After meeting so many people in the past months, I feel I know the city a little more. I have my version of New York now. I built my little map of what I like in the city, and my little list with my favorite New Yorkers.

Gregory Nalbone is definitely on my list.

All this work, these shoots, these months, and the Beards Of New york collection is almost complete. I have shoots scheduled till March 31st, and I am booked solid. After that I'll start sifting.

I photographed almost 300 guys and now I have to decide who is going to be in the final 101 selection. It's not going to be an easy task cause I love each one of these faces and each one of their stories.

I spent time with each of them and I got to know some of their hopes, dreams and secrets. Choosing it's going to be a really difficult task.

Talking of Gregory Nalbone, he wrote something that really moved me and I want to share it with you.

Who cannot love his amazing passion for life? I certainly do!

It just amazes me that after years - and I mean YEARS of countless photo shoots - I’m still ripping off my shirt and getting photographed. Thank God for Photoshop! [laughs] But seriously, I’m grateful. I’m very disciplined and spend a tremendous amount of time/energy trying to be, look, and feel the best I possibly can. And I’m even more grateful when a photographer like Greg asks me to work with him.

The BEARDS OF NEW YORK photo shoot was an amazing experience from start to finish: Greg allowed me to freely express myself - using the experience I have gained as a model and also in life - and directed/guided me through his trained and professional eye, which, in the end, felt like an effortless collaboration that yielded awesome results.

It’s extremely cathartic to have a photographer who allows me to feel the confidence to radiate what’s inside, and that’s what he did; I left there feeling like I gave an honest part of ME, and for a very, very long time, that was something that I was never able to do. So when it happens - whether it be in front of a camera or on stage - I cherish it.

I hope that I can inspire someone.

#love yourself

Gregory Nalbone

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Greg Salvatori is an award winning New York photographer, artist and author based in Upper West Side, New York. His latest photo book, BEARDS OF NEW YORK, was featured in magazines and publications in more than 30 countries.

He splits his time between his artistic photography projects and shoots for clients. He has worked in photography and the fashion industry in London, Paris, and Florence. He has had wonderful opportunities to work with brilliant photographers and world famous designers from the beginning of his career. With passion and obsessive attention to detail, he learned as much as he could and started his own photography studio in 2007.

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