Head Shots / by Greg Salvatori

Head Shots: Why is your LinkedIn image important?

industry-headshots-6New York – Choosing the right head shots for your online profile on LinkedIN or other professional online communities it's not easy. It often comes with a bit of stress and a lot of implications.

If you don’t add an image to your profiles (from LinkedIn to Match.com), you won’t inspire trust. If you add the "wrong" image, you will inspire all the wrong ideas in your audience.

More than 70% of people look your name up online before they meet you: your head shots become quite crucial to your personal branding. They are not "just pictures” - they are your public image.

People see your images and build a first impression in 2 to 4 seconds. Unfortunately there are no second chances for first impressions. You just have to get it right and you have to get it clear. A confused message won't work in your favor.

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As professional photographer, I help people creating and using the right head shots. This means supporting them all the way, from helping chose the best outfits to producing the best images. All while trying to make the experience of the shoot as easy as I possibly can.

On the day of the shoot, I welcome you to my studio in Manhattan, New York 10023. I am great with camera-shy people and I can help you choose the most flattering color combinations from the outfits you brought.

I use lighting techniques to best enhance your individual complexion and features. I can guide you through the shoot and help with flattering posture, expression and your “connection” with the camera.

During the shoot, I review the images with you, so you have a sense of where we are going and you can share your input and taste.

After the shoot, I send you a link to your online gallery with the shots and, if you want me to, I tell you which ones I would chose.

All this work is useful when it comes to photography headshots. The point is putting you in a condition to be relaxed in front of the camera. The final result will look exactly like you, in a very good day!

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Greg Salvatori is an award winning New York photographer, artist and author based in Upper West Side, New York. His latest photo book, BEARDS OF NEW YORK, was featured in magazines and publications in more than 30 countries.

He splits his time between his artistic photography projects and shoots for clients. He has worked in photography and the fashion industry in London, Paris, and Florence. He has had wonderful opportunities to work with brilliant photographers and world famous designers from the beginning of his career. With passion and obsessive attention to detail, he learned as much as he could and started his own photography studio in 2007.

Greg is available for your photo shoots, contact him now