How to spin your dog portraits out of control! New York Dog Portrait Photography / by Greg Salvatori

New York Dog Portrait Photography

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I might have been a little over the top in the New York studio while I was working on the Emperor Dog Photography Shoot! It wouldn't be the first time! The occasion was the National Dog Day. The grand event was in the air and we celebrated with a dog portrait.

When it comes to photography, give me a puppy, and it's too hard for me to resist. The temptation to go over the top is too strong: from doggy to Emperor in one hour! That is exactly what happened: New York energy is so inebriating and contagious that it makes you push a little more, no matter what you do, a run in the park or a dog portrait.

Dog Portrait Photography in NewYork - Book a Shoot with Your Best Friend

The good news is that these portraits came out very good in the end: the images are crisp and detailed and the Labrador puppy looks just royal. The red silk, the black background and the natural gold that young Labradors have work perfectly.

Bow to the Emperor! Or at least to the King of New York Dog Portrait Photography!

This collection of photographs, is part of a larger collection that is going to be exhibited in New York later in the year. If you want to be at the exhibition opening or if you want your dog to be part of it, please get in touch with me here, on Facebook or on Twitter. I am always looking for the right dog "model" to cast and add to the collection.

Comings soon: I am working on season themed images and I want to work on New York themed images. I am looking for feedback, help, dogs and happy owners. You are more than welcome to get in touch!

Also coming soon: beside dog portraits, my specialty is people's portrait photography and I am working on a number of project, including one show next week, during New York Fashion Week, with Ms New York and Ms America. If you want to be invited to the event, happening in New York City (the luxurious Carlton Hotel in Mid-Town Manhattan), please get in touch and I'll make sure to forward you the links and invitation. I hope I'll see you soon!

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Greg Salvatori is an award winning photographer, artist and author based in Upper West Side, New York. His latest photo book, BEARDS OF NEW YORK, was featured in magazines and publications in more than 30 countries.

He splits his time between his artistic photography projects and shoots for clients. He has worked in photography and the fashion industry in London, Paris, and Florence. He has had wonderful opportunities to work with brilliant photographers and world famous designers from the beginning of his career. With passion and obsessive attention to detail, he learned as much as he could and started his own photography studio in 2007.

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